10 Most Easy Christmas Decor DIY for your Home

10 Most Easy Christmas Decor DIY for your Home

The best time of the year is here! And we are sure that you cannot wait to deck your house with the most amazing Christmas decors. No matter if your space is big or small, we assure you to help you transform every inch of your home with these easy Christmas decor DIY ideas.

1. Paint the stair & spruce up the banisters

You sure would love to start with a Christmas tree first, but we suggest to start with something that can’t be left to be done at the 11th hour. Start painting the steps and the banister with the colour that suits your home. Don’t make it loud by painting it red or green. After painting with the colour that complements the interior, hang in some beautiful & colourful socks or bells over the banister.


2. Hang on!

Christmas is the best time to reunite, and therefore we suggest you make some space for your beautiful memories. First, paint the wall or the background where you are planning to hang the beautiful décor. Second, use twigs and branches of trees to make a wall hanging out of it. And lastly, use string lights to add more brightness and cheerfulness!


3. Transform the kitchen

Even your kitchen deserves to look equally beautiful. If you have got time in your hands, then you should definitely repaint kitchen cabinets, window panels, and trims. For décor, you can use a natural or artificial string of flowers – paired with fairy lights.


4. A twist to the traditional wreath

If you want to go by the tradition of hanging the full-wreath on the front door, then you can try and hang this wreath on the inside doors of your home. Since these wreaths are uniquely pretty, check if your door is in good condition before you hang them. If it demands to be repainted then, do so- don’t skimp on it.


5. Simple & sober

Christmas doesn’t mean that you have to have a décor that is over the top. If you like to keep it subtle then, you can still opt for it! A string of tassels and simple elements of Christmas can also add a lot to the décor. As you are keeping the décor simple, make sure that your walls are in good condition. A wall full of mold and paint peeling from the corners will never add a glam-look to your minimalistic-design. Check the condition of your walls and then accordingly proceed with the décor.


6. Deck your patio

We know how much you love to unwind in the warm weather; plus, Christmas holidays make it perfect for you to relax, chill and binge on the barbeque delicacies. Invest some time on your patio and make it look great by reworking it, a bit. If the furniture is too old, then consider repaint it; and to spruce up the set-up, use Christmas lights or beautiful lamps.


7. Make kids-special room

After all, the kids are the ones who purely believe in the story of Santa. They really have set their hopes high, and you surely don’t want to put them down! Find cute-little things to deck the room, and don’t forget to hang the sock!


8. Add a flurry of snow in the hot summer

As the mercury rises, we see children missing out on the fun associated with the snow. Add elements of winter to your décor like- snowflakes, snowman, sleigh, etc.


9. Add colour to your favourite hang-out spot

A treehouse is a perfect place to sneak out and unwind. You might want to invite some of your guests up in there. To paint/repaint the exterior of the treehouse, make use of the ladder and Paint Pot Pro’s  to loop over the pail over the ladder.


10. Small detailing

Easy Christmas decor DIY ideas are set out best when you invest time even on the small things. A pompous décor is not everyone’s choice, but to work on the small detailing adds a lot to the entire décor. Be it a Christmas tree, socks, bells, or wreath, make sure you have all the elements in place and have décor items to go around with it.

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