15 Tips for Home Renovation in 2021

15 Tips for Home Renovation in 2021

Home is indeed where the heart is, but even the heart needs some excitement and drama time and again! Now that we have all spent enormous amounts of time at our homes during the pandemic, one thing that has become evident is the importance of thoughtfully fashioned interior spaces that are aesthetically pleasing without compromising on utility and comfort. In this article, we are going to share some innovative tips for home renovation that will make your heart beat a little louder in wonderment.

1. Money matters

With the magazines and markets buzzing with new trends and designs almost daily, a home renovation project can easily mesmerize you into a regrettable splurge. The core of a successful renovation is to be prudent and spend optimally. So, chalking out a strict budget is undeniably the first step of a renovation project.

2. Take baby steps

This next tip is targeted especially to newbie renovators who are brimming with ideas and are eager to give their homes a makeover. Renovation projects are messy and noisy and can often get overwhelming. The trick is to divide your living space and work in sections. And before moving to the next part, make sure that the previous one is nice and done.

3. Have a game plan

We now move on to the backbone of every project, and that is research and planning.  To prepare an elaborate plan, start with listing out the areas you want to renovate, how you want to go ahead, chalk out the stuff you will need to buy, and then work on finding for yourselves the best deals for these products. Take into account different online stores, second-hand furniture shops, and thrift stores.

4. Invest in tools

The key to executing a budget-friendly home-decoration project is to do most of the heavy-lifting yourself. Employing help is a comfortable option, but it sure isn’t easy on the pocket. So instead, invest in some quality tools that will come in handy in your future DIY endeavors as well. One such useful product is a Paint Pot Pro if you are planning to repaint your walls.

5. Let go of the past

Begin by cutting through the unwanted clutter. If some décor piece or old furniture is not fitting seamlessly with the rest of your planned layout, then better start by selling it off. Refrain from hoarding stuff in your stores or garage just because you don’t want to let go of something.

6. Refurbish and re-use

If there is an old piece of furniture that you aren’t ready to bid farewell to, then a hassle-free way to blend it into your new design can be to paint it according to the new color scheme. Note that if you are repainting furniture, begin by priming it first and then opt for either latex or oil-based paints in satin or semi-gloss finish.

7. Reposition the furniture

The mere alteration of the position of your furniture can be a breath of fresh air. Take this opportunity of home renovation to work-out a new layout for your space. You can even consider changing the existing rooms of the furniture to revamp your home.

8. Embrace minimalism

Minimalism has been a trend that is spreading like wildfire, and rightly so. When most of the population is putting up in limited space, it is wise to keep only the bare essential stuff and get rid of the clutter. With more and more people turning towards minimalism, a lot of decorators are coming up with some out of the box and minimalistic décor ideas, from which you can derive inspiration.

9. Multifunctional furniture it is

Multifunctional furniture is the answer to cramped living spaces. They are versatile and adapt seamlessly with the modern, on the go lifestyles. Most of the multipurpose furniture pieces are reconfigurable, handy, and stylish. With a plethora of vendors selling such products both online and offline, you will experience no difficulty in finding one such item for your home.

10. A splash of green.

Indoor plants are the most in-vogue home décor pieces at the moment. They add drama to a dull space, have air-purifying qualities, and are inexpensive as heck! If you have a busy schedule, then you can opt for succulents, as they are easy to take care of and look great as well.

11. DIY décor.

Nothing allows you to express yourself best than a DIY arts and crafts project. The internet is brimming with blogs and videos that will give you a lot of ideas and inspirations. You can add a touch of sentiment into your decorations by involving your entire family in this project.

12. Repaint your homes

Painting your home is doubtlessly the most economical option to give your home a renovation. Painting might appear to be a daunting task, but with the right tools and planning, you can easily take up this chore without any paid help. Following are some of the trendiest home painting color-schemes.

13. Paint a show stopper

If repainting your entire home is very time consuming for you, then another option can be to paint a solo statement wall. This wall can act as the center of attention to the entire living space. You can go all out while painting this wall and let it be an extension of your creative self. If arts and drawing is your thing, then you can also consider painting a mural on this wall.

14. The doorway to fun and colors

If painting a wall is not something you are confident doing, then you can begin with just painting your doors. You can give your doors a single hue contrasting to your walls or paint them in multiple shades.

15. Your window to creativity

Windows being the source of natural light into a room, often become the highlight of interior designs. A simple way to lighten up any room is to paint your windows in bright shades to give the illusion of more light.

We hope these ideas and tips help you to renovate your homes for the upcoming year.

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