5 Stunning Fence Painting Themes to Inspire Your Beautiful Backyard

5 Stunning Fence Painting Themes to Inspire Your Beautiful Backyard

Coming up with beautiful themes for your backyard is a wonderful platform to explore your artistic avatar. Before bringing colours to bushes, let us rekindle our imagination to inspire some of the stunning fence paintings that one can imagine. From children to our grandparents to our friends, a backyard is a relaxing place connected to nature. A perfect theme tailored for your choices will revive the aura of the entire house and people. Let’s see.

1. Special Kid-Friendly Fence Painting Theme

  • The constellation theme is a wonderful fence theme with just some groups of stars and moon. Planetary images may give an amazing feeling to families having kids.
  • Sky theme- If you have a big backyard where ‘get together’ remains a common activity, sky blue colour with Prussian blue tint can work wonders. If you want to play more with colours under the same fencing area, adding shades of maroon and mustard yellow or black can be more inviting to the kids towards outdoor.
  • Some loony-toon characters painted on the fencing is always a good idea for your kids where they remain indulged in their playing activities.
  • Floral theme- this gives a serene and calm look to your kid’s eyes and to yours too as an elder working day and night. With some beautiful tints of colour shades like orange and yellow maximizes the appearance of the backyard. Some green shades of either trees or lily plants give a soothing effect to the mind and soul which connects you with nature.
  • Pencil colour theme for wooden fencing- not only the 12 colour shade creates a lovely environment but also the conical outgrowths of this type of fencing gives you protection from trespassers.

2. Stenciled Fence Painting Theme

A stunning aesthetic look can turn meaningful if added some quotes that may be funny or story-based. There are various kinds of stencils in the market that can match your energy.

  • Tree stem leaf designed stencils.
  • Letters of various languages- Sanskrit, French, German, Russian or any other letters based stencils
  • Mandala art stencils
  • Garden bird stencils
  • Herringbone structured stencils
  • Honeycomb art stencils
  • Fish art or aquarium art stencils
  • Butterfly and dragonfly stencils
  • Pattern-based stencils

3. Vintage Outlook

Bare wood, whether it’s bamboo wood, pine, cedar, or redwood made the fence, they should be primed before being painted.

  •  They can be organic. After primer coating, get some straw and dried stem with some leaves and make a roll of it over the painting roller. Paint it like a pro and get fantastic designs and patterns that give a glimpse of the past if matched nicely with the lamp post or trees you have within your courtyard or backyard. A rustic view is always a grand choice for many.

4. Modern Slats

  • Modern black and white horizontal slats are the most emerging type of fence. This fence painting theme has to be metallic or have a steel look. They are tough and are available in various styles. Your modern house will get an elegant look if you have chosen this theme. These are simply looking and are amazingly easy to maintain.
  • The solid coloured theme for concrete fence walls-upgrade your old and tired concrete fence into this chic and stylish wall. Giving a new coat of solid colours like matte black, lilac, crimson, or grape wine colour, can just turn your old and broken fencing into a stylish one. Adding some geometrical figures and textures can also make the fence painting theme magical.
  • Modern Gabion Wall- Gabion walls are amongst the strongest fencing themes opted by people. Choosing some coloured stones with some patterns can change the entire look of the fenced area.

5. Etched Fencing Theme

Etched Metal Screen Panels- An entire up-gradation can be done to your old steel fencing by turning it into etched fencing. Carve and etch the metallic portions of the fence into some designs of leaves, flowers stems, birds or landscapes and get a delicate glimpse in a tough fence.

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