Removing Old Paint? 5 Tips to choose the best paint scraper.

Removing Old Paint? 5 Tips to choose the best paint scraper.

Someone has said it right ‘Nothing brightens up a room like a fresh coat of paint!’ But to apply a fresh coat, you first have to get rid of the old paint. And here’s where the real problem lies. Getting off the paint is not less than a struggle. It requires proper tools and a lot of patience. But above all, it is the right scrapping tool that can make your work easy and less tiresome. The following five tips can help you choose the best paint scraper.

  1. Easy to hold

We know scrapping the paint off the wall requires immense efforts, and therefore, it is essential to ensure that the scrapper you use is comfortable to hold. If the diameter of the handle is too big for your tiny hands, then you might have to keep adjusting the handle between your palms, constantly. Similarly, if the diameter is small, then you will keep losing out the handle’s grip off your palms.

  1. Double Edge Scraper

The need decides the size, shape, and other specifications of the scraper. If you want a scraper for only removing the paint, then a single edge scraper is a good choice. But, if you are looking for more, say- removing paint, varnish from furniture, molding, or cornices, then it is wise to go with a double edge scraper.

  1. Firm grip

Having the right diameter of handle solves your problem to quite an extent. It saves you from re-adjusting the handle after every use. However, the material of which the handle is made also plays an important role. Especially when the work lasts long, and you don’t want to cause discomfort to your hand. A sturdy, lightweight black polypropylene handle is a wise choice to settle for. However, a rubberized handle with ergonomic grip is by far the best paint scraper.

  1. Type of blade- Steel blade or carbide blade.

It is arguably right when one says carbide is better than a high-speed steel (HSS) blade. The reason is due to its longevity. A carbide scraper edge lasts about 20 to 50 times longer than HSS. Moreover, getting set-up to sharpen and hone carbide scraper blades is not an expensive affair. But, if you use a scrapper once in a while, then the steel blades are the best for you- as they are more flexible and more resistant to rust.

  1. Right width & shape:

There happens to be a variety of shapes and widths available in the scraper blade.  Channel Blade, Shield Blade, Triangular Blade, Oval Blade, Window Blade, German Sliding Blade. But, if you want a standard blade, then select a blade with a width of 3-inch to 4-inch. Excellent quality and durable blade can further help you in opening the paint can.

The bottom line:

You may or may not agree on this but, a scraper is one of the most essential tools. Especially then when you have painting to be done on the old walls. Therefore, it important to pick the right kind of scraper to get your job done, efficiently. Choose wisely as the paint scraper is the only tool that helps you solve your purpose of removing old-flaky paint.

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