7+ Amazing Cubby House Painting Ideas and Colors Scheme’s

7+ Amazing Cubby House Painting Ideas and Colors Scheme’s

Summer is almost here and as the days warm up it’s time to step out, bask in the sunshine and make lots of memories with your kids. And what better way to kick-start the fun than by revamping your tiny tot’s cubby houses with them? Doing this will not only keep them entertained but also give them an opportunity to explore and express themselves creatively. Now that you and your little ones are geared up for your summer project i.e. “A Smashing Cubby Makeover”, let’s begin by covering your bases.

The first and most important rule is to let the junior be the creative head for this assignment. No amount of Pinterest and Instagram inspirations and ideas can conjure up the magic that a child’s imagination can.

With that disclaimer being out of the way, let’s jump straight to exploring some offbeat and trending Cubby House painting ideas that we spotted and loved while browsing the web.

1. Bring home the blues from the ocean

If we could have it our way we’d make blue the official color for the summer! This color has an innate soothing quality about it and makes for an excellent shade to paint your mini house.

But here’s a hot tip that will help you in avoiding a drab looking monotonous cubby. Use different shades of blue to layer your walls and add character and depth to them.


2. Paint the town red

There is no color that makes a statement as the way red does. So if you are keen on painting a statement cubby house that turns heads, then this is your color scheme.


You can also tone it down a notch and go for an easier shade of orange.

But, no matter which option you choose, add a white or grey frame to balance off the colors.


3. For the love of white

If bright textures are not your thing this one will be a winner for you. Nothing says classy and engrosses you like the color white. And in our opinion, it is the only color that can stand alone without requiring any shades and still not look dull.

But if you want to play a tad bit more with colors, you can add darker shades to your door and window’s frames.

4. Build a princess castle

A tiny castle for tinier princesses is the cubby idea that’ll make you the neighborhood’s sensation, and rightly so. These effortless white and powder pink color schemes will make even the adults want to move in.

5. Color it rainbow

When it comes to choosing colors, your imagination is the limit. Kids love bright shades, rainbows are fun, an extensive palette of colors will absorb anyone’s attention, and, do we need to spell out more reasons? Check out some of these colorful cubbies and decide for yourself.

6. An offbeat color scheme

While this one is not a cubby house, to begin with, the color schemes are so unique and immersive that we couldn’t give it a miss. Despite having a varying tone, these colors blend together seamlessly to give a jaw-dropping end result. Give this theme a try if you want to take the road that’s not usually taken.

7. Shine bright in bright-hued neon

Nothing says summer more than a beach and nothing says beach more than these bright tints of neon. This cubby house painting idea will give your outdoor an eclectic makeover.

8. Off to the magical lands of fairytales

Build your kids an escape to the magical lands of fairies and unicorns. This exotic cubby house is the ultimate gift for the little ones who are charmed by the fantasy tales and stories.

9. Mix and match with contrast

If you are fairly new to the world of painting these might be just the color schemes for you. Painting the walls in varying hues to give them definition might be quite a hassle for some. But you still don’t have to settle for boring results. Spruce up your cubby by adding a contrasting shade onto the doors and you are good to go.

10. You say wall, we hear canvass

As we mentioned in the beginning, kids should have the final say in their cubby house painting ideas & colors. So, let the walls be your little painters’ canvasses and watch their imagination soar.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found some interesting cubby house painting ideas. Now all that is left is to pick up your brushes and switch on the paint mode!

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