Cheers to 2021: Our Yearly Roundup of Paint Pot Pro

Cheers to 2021: Our Yearly Roundup of Paint Pot Pro

We have approached towards the end of another year. While we all are ready to step into the New Year, we feel to steal a moment and look back at some of the major highlights from the last twelve months. From running successful digital campaigns to achieving milestones in our work; the yearly roundup of 2020 has got many such events & activities covered.

1. Father’s day campaign

Celebrated on the very first Sunday of September, the ‘Father’s day campaign’ was planned to be executed through the Digital (online) and Radio (offline) medium both. It received a great response and great sales during this time frame.

2. Keeping up the trend of ‘hashtags’

We had special creatives made for #WorldCleanupDay and #GlobalHandwashingDay. It prominently focused on the importance of cleaning our planet and washing our hands (especially in the times of pandemic) respectively. Hygiene being the underlying message, the social media posts tried to make a space in users’ minds by making them aware of their duty and their habits.

3. Sharing tips & tricks

To share a useful piece of information that you already know can serve as a great help. With this thought, we started sharing panting related tips and tricks through our blogs and social media creative posts. We dissect the need behind understanding one particular area of the subject that is tricky and demands help. Accordingly, we curate the content and share it with our users.

4. Spring campaign

The happiest time of the year saw creative ideas blooming through its social media creatives. We decided to keep the tone of the campaign cheerful and colorful. Coupled with social media content, we also sent spring-based emailers to our stakeholders, associates, and loyal customers.

5. Striding on a green path

We practice what we preach, and therefore we put consistent efforts towards driving green solutions. We realized a long time ago the evil side of plastic and its harmful effects on the only habitable planet we have. Since then, our approach was always to devise a completely recyclable product. It gives us a sense of pride to have had made our way towards the recyclable process using the RoHS approved plastic.

6. Connecting through the blogs

We believe that blog is one of the best ways to connect to people. It gives you access to the personal side of your business. It showcases a whole new perspective of your brand, which otherwise is difficult to see through the outbound marketing techniques. Moreover, it puts forward the vision and the personality of your company in the most effective way.

7. Halloween campaign

The spookiest time of the year demanded a complete scary approach towards the campaign. Our potpourri of ideas focused on creating a campaign that brings out the magical features of Paint Pot Pro. Both, social media posts and the e-mailer fetched an overwhelming response.

8. Christmas & New Year campaign

The most awaited time of the year had to have great ideas lined up; and therefore, we started chalking out the plan a month ahead of the festive day. Christmas and New Year have got their festive vibe, and we wanted to nurture that vibe by helping you out with home décor ideas. Keeping more emphasis on the e-mailers and social media creatives helped us in fetching positive feedback.

9. Boxing day

Christmas is incomplete without celebrating ‘Boxing Day.’ To keep up with the spirit of these festive days, we designed two special posts for our social media channels viz. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

10. When we got featured

On July 13, 2020, Paint Pot Pro got featured on the official Facebook page of Rollingdog- an independently owned company in the line of home improvement products. They introduced our product on their page and the caption read “Check out the innovative Paint Pot Pro maximum function paint pot. Coming out of Australia from a product designer with a passion for painting.”

11. Hike in brand presence

We let the numbers do the talking! Over the year, we have reaped a significantly great rise in reaching our audiences in cyberspace. Our quarterly traffic is 2 to 2.3K with an average social media reach of 1.5K per post. The hard work paid off and how!

12. Carrying forward out the virtue of ‘Human Safety’ & ‘Earth’s Safety’

‘Work safety’ and ‘Earth’s safety’ has always been our utmost priority. Since its inception, we have always sought out solutions that serve for the betterment of our users and our planet Earth. Our product’s main feature ‘Belt / Clip loops’ is cautiously designed to allow the user to safely move up and down the ladder. From the environment’s standpoint, Paint Pot Pro manufactures and promotes only eco-friendly products. The plastic used in making the product is RoHS Approved and comply with the guidelines set by RoHS. As we wrap up this ‘yearly roundup’, we would like to step into the New Year with this same virtue. We are planning to bring more changes through our small efforts.

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