House Painting: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Started
Everything You Need to Know Before Stating a House Painting Job | Get Your Paintbrush & Paintbrush Cleaner Ready!

House Painting: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Painting your house is not like the other tasks you do. It has got an emotional quotient attached to it; it is the place where you belong- you and your loved ones. And if you are thinking to repaint it, you know you have got a great responsibility on your shoulder. Well, the responsibility is huge but does not need to be stressful. If you want the painting to be done in a hassle-free way, then you have to brush-up your basic skills, first. Right from using the paintbrushes to, maintaining them by using paintbrush cleaner. We will help you know everything about the paint, the brushes, and the right way of using them.

  • The basics:

Painting can never be like-you wake up one fine day and decide to paint where you stay. It needs planning, a structured approach, and proper equipment. You have to shift your furniture or cover them completely so that no splatters of paint damage your curtain or other furniture.

  • Start by cleaning your walls:

Preparing walls for painting is a very important task. All you need is a sponge and warm water. For kitchen walls, use grease-cutting detergent and water. Remember to wipe all the walls with the damp cloth in the end. Now, don’t hurry to take out your brushes, wait till all the walls are completely dry.

If you have mildew formed on the wall, then use four parts water to one part of bleach. Apply the solution with the sponge to remove it. For blisters and flaking paint, use sandpaper to remove it. Proceed to paint only when you have a wall that is clean and smooth to paint.

  • Choose the colour that enhances your furniture and overall look of the house:

We know the affection of retaining the old grandpa chair and the antique showpieces. It’s normal to have them even in the 21st century. Just make sure the colour of your wall complements your lovable items. The same goes for furniture and curtains; it is fine if you don’t want to invest in buying a new set of it. You can choose to use modern colours and lift the look of your interior.

  • Learn the basic brush strokes:

Remember this- never ever dip the whole brush into the paint tin. The ideal technique is to first, pour the paint in the bucket, dip it halfway in the paint, and gently tap the bristles inside the bucket. For excellent finishing, work in sections and parts. Also, never try to paint on the wall, which is partially dry. Doing so will leave the brush marks on its surface.

  • Learn how to maintain them:

After completing the paint job, you have one more important task lined up for you. This isn’t a likable one but, none of us have got a choice. *Cleaning the brushes* We know wiping off paint from your brush takes time and patience. But you have to do this! With this, you also have to ensure that the paint is completely removed from the bristles. Running simply tap water over it, won’t work. You have to look for a paintbrush cleaner to get it cleaned. Since you will want your brush to be in ‘reuse condition’, investing a small portion of your money on paintbrush cleaner is a great idea.