How To Paint a Room Divided by a Wall, in Two Different Colors

How To Paint a Room Divided by a Wall, in Two Different Colors

With open living spaces gaining popularity, there is a consequent increasing inclination towards installing room partitioning walls or room divider walls. Furthermore, they can be erected just to color block a large space to augment the aesthetics, to effectively regiment the space for distinct purposes, to create a cozy corner, and to even add functionality to space by incorporating storage space or display units.

Here, we’ll tell you how to paint a room in two different colors divided by a wall using more attractive colors & shades.

Long story short, using divider walls is a trend that is here to stay. Therefore, we are bringing you some beautiful and visually engrossing ideas and color patterns that will inspire you to install one yourself.

1. Color me bright

If you have wondered about how to paint a room two different colors divided by a wall then this color scheme is for you. The wall divider in this setting adds a comfortable reading corner in the otherwise large living space. The two shades used here blend to give the space a happy and welcoming vibe.

2. Distinct and Contemporary

We take your fifty shades of grey and raise you a single shade of yellow! Yellow is a tricky color and tends to overwhelm the space if not used appropriately. But, when you add grey into the equation, a new dimension gets added is into space. Further, these colors impart a cool contemporary aura whenever they are used together.

3. The valentine spirit

We can’t think of any two colors that marry like red and white. Although this combination is hardly new, interior decorators and painters still vouch for these color schemes profusely. This color scheme is easy to incorporate by adding a red wall divider into spaces that already have white walls.

4. Quirky and catchy

To have more than one wall divider is the quintessential modern living space. Here, the room has not one, but two wall dividers that seamlessly divide the room into segments. The fact that both these divider walls are different in design, color, and composition doesn’t let the concept feel monotonous. Moreover, the blue wall here acts as an eye-catchy statement, and the wooden partitioning subtly segments while acting as a TV unit.

5. Modern and functional

In the present day and age, the living spaces are usually small and the urban dwellers come with ways that help them make the best available area. This next design illustrates how one can assign maximum utility to a restrictive living space with the help of wall dividers and distinct colors.

6. Hues that lift the mood

This next design concept uses cool hues to create a comfortable and cozy space. The wall dividers can be colored in a single shade or even two different colors. These color dividing schemes can add a distinct flair to the most ordinary rooms and are exceptionally easy to implement too.

7. One for the book worms

If you love to read and collect books chances are you already own a hefty book-shelf somewhere in the corner. In like manner (as shown in the picture), you too can derive some inspiration from these book-racks. The racks are efficiently used as room dividers and proudly display your collection of books that you love so much!

8. A statement divider like no other

This next room divider is so breath-taking that we couldn’t give it a miss. Another key perspective of installing a wall-divider is that any room with a white wall gives a free pass to play with colors and establish a definitive contrasting scheme. But we say why to go for just one color when you can play with so many shades!

9. Rugged and offbeat

To give your home a comfortable, fuss-free, and offbeat look try adding a rugged divider wall as shown in this example. This design depends hugely on dividers to add texture and segmentation to the open space; moreover, it does a commendable job of incorporating multiple similar colored divider walls without making the design exhaustive.

10. Go green

If after all this while you are still on the fence about installing a divider wall into your living spaces then this last design will sure do the trick and this concept is ingenious, wholesome, and gives you a little personal green oasis in between the concrete jungle.

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