A Painting Equipment That Caters To All Your Painting Needs

A Painting Equipment That Caters To All Your Painting Needs

Painting a house can be a daunting task, and things become harder when you are juggling between too many jobs and too many tasks and too many painting equipment. However, we feel that painting shouldn’t rile you up for the years of a disorganized structure it follows.

The structure specifically addresses to the loads of equipment we have been using all these while. Be it a scrapper or a cleaner, or something as basic as the brush you paint with. We feel you never have had access to a proper, all-in-one portable painting tool, until now!

At Paint Pot Pro, we saw your struggle and therefore devised a multitasking portable painting equipment that is oh-so-perfect for you! It is made for your ease and saves your time. With many other amazing benefits that follow, let us first take you through the amazing features of this painting equipment.

Angled magnetized brush rest

A paintbrush is that one painting equipment, which you just cannot proceed without. Knowing the vitality of it, we designed a special ‘angled magnetized brush rest’ which lets you rest your brush during painting tasks. The angle is so- that it allows the paint to drip back into the pot and the powerful magnets stop the brush from falling into the paint.

Belt/Clip loops

This feature is safety-oriented. The ‘Belt / Clip loops’ is cautiously designed to allow you safely move up and down the ladder by simply clicking the belt/clip loop over a belt. This way, the paint bucket remains fastened to your belt and makes your hands free to hold on to the ladder.

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Wiping blades

To wipe off the extra paint before applying the stroke, pot pro has strategically positioned the wiping blades around the back of the pot. The pot is designed for brushes to a maximum width of 100 mm.

Roller glide & roller holder

This thoughtful feature makes sure that you evenly disperse the paint across the roller. The roller holders are there for you if you need to pause the painting. The roller glide is designed for rollers up to a maximum width of 160mm.

Tin opener & mullet

We understood the struggle that goes behind opening the paint tin and closing it; therefore we came up with a tool that has the function to open and close paint tins. With Paint Pot Pro’s paint can opener you can easily unseal the paint box and seal the cover appropriately back with the mallet.

Paint Brush cleaner & mini roller cleaner

This dual-purpose cleaning aid makes washing up easier than you can ever think. The mechanism of cleaning ensures your brushes stay clean and ready for use.

Measurement guides & drill bit & screw gauges

Painting cannot be the only task you need to achieve while furnishing your home. Some parts of your home might still need little fixing to be done. Such cases call for a full-fledged toolbox at your disposal. Therefore for your ease, paint pot pro has come up with a ‘measuring guide and screw gauge’ that helps in measuring or finding the right drill or screw size.

Scraping blade

Why carry a scrapping tool separately when you have this too included in the pot pro! The tool’s handle grip design is comfortable and easy to use. It helps to scrape away flaky paint with ease.

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Paint liners

Taking convenience a bit higher, this feature of ‘paint liner’ saves your time from the extra cleaning that goes in rinsing the pot.  Because these liners protect the pot from paint by simply swapping the liners when using different paint colours.

Beer bottle opener

Cheers! You have worked really hard, and you earn a reward. Open for yourself a chilled beer bottle with the help of our special ‘beer bottle opener.’