Paintbrush Cleaner: Use it like a “PRO”

Paintbrush Cleaner: Use it like a “PRO”

One of the most important yet, tiring job post-painting has to be ‘cleaning the paintbrushes!’ If the cleaning is not done properly, you will find it difficult to use it next time. If this goes on, you will end up letting the paint dry on the brush’s bristles; and you will have no choice but to let go of the brush in the garbage bin. Let’s not forget the fact that the paintbrushes are arguably expensive. The cleaning job seems to aggravate more if you are new to painting. So, if you want to save money and make your paintbrush last long, then just follow this simple Paintbrush Cleaner guide.

*Drumrolls* Introducing Paint Pot Pro’s another feature- paintbrush cleaners that come along with a mini roller cleaner! The makers of paint pot pro saw the hard work that goes behind cleaning the brush, and therefore they added a new feature to this magical product.

The cleaner specifically aims to rinse the paintbrush and the mini roller, both. The dual-purpose feature is thoughtfully designed and devised to make washing an easy task for you. The mechanism also ensures to get the cleaning part done quickly and neatly.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Push down and slide out the cleaner from the back of the pot.
  2. Pour some amount of dish soap on the brush/roller.
  3. Use lukewarm water or place the brush directly under the tap.
  4. For the roller, use the side of the cleaner that is in a semi-circle shape.
  5. For the brush, use the side of the cleaner that is in a zig-zag pattern.
  6. Gently rub the cleaner back and forth over the brush.
  7. Once done with the cleaning, remove the excess water from the wet brushes by using one of these techniques.
    • Shake the brush/roller above a paint bucket, cardboard box, or other containers.
    • Or make the use of a brush spinner to spin the brush.
    • To dry it up further, blot the brush on the newspaper or clean cloth.
    • Now, lay the brush flat or hang it upside down on a rack. (By upside down we mean- the bristles to point down to the floor)


  1. If you are cleaning the brush under the tap water, then hold the brush with the bristles down. This saves the water from entering the ferrule.
  2. Always use lukewarm water for cleaning the brush, as hot water can damage the ferrule. The ferrule then expands and loosens, which leads some of the bristles to fall out.
  3. Always avoid washing the brush into the sink directly; because doing so can clog the drainage system of your sink. It is therefore recommended to keep a bucket or a pail into the sink and allow the water mixed with paint to accumulate in it.

The bottom line:  Paint Pot Pro’s paintbrush cleaners let you wash off the brushes clean with ease! Moreover, it consumes very little time of yours.