Follow The Guidelines To Make Sure You Choose The Right Paint Roller For Your Painting Job!

Follow The Guidelines To Make Sure You Choose The Right Paint Roller For Your Painting Job!

To paint your home is fun, especially when you have the right set of tools and know the right technique for using them. However, to get adapted to a tool and using it correctly is a later part. The initial step is to understand the tool that you are planning to buy, the purpose of it, and the different varieties available in it. One such basic tool which is crucial and yet is less-discussed about is ‘Paint Roller.’

While most of us think that ‘what’s the big deal to choose a paint roller’, we say- it indeed is a big deal. You are painting your home; you definitely would want to invest in things that contribute to making your home look beautiful.

Before we proceed with its nitty-gritty, understand the basic structure of a roller painter.

A roller consists of two important components. One is the frame and the other is the nap. The metal-body frame is a cage-like structure which consists of a handle at the bottom of it.

The right frame:

Before you choose a nap, zero down your choice on the size of the frame. There are two basic sizes- 9″ long roller frames (Large) and 4″ long roller frames (Small).

For painting walls and ceilings use a 9″ long roller frames large roller. This will help you cover large surfaces with ease.

For painting doors, windows, furniture, and cabinets use 4″ long roller frames.

The right nap:

A roller nap is available in various lengths. These various lengths define its use for the different types of surfaces. The important point to note here is- the longer the nap, the more paint it will hold.

> For surfaces that are smooth and fine, use a ¼-inch nap. (New wall, ceilings, and wooden doors)

> For surfaces that are smooth, yet light texture, use a ⅜-inch nap.

>Use a ½-inch nap for surfaces that are medium-rough surfaces.

>Use a ¾-inch nap for surfaces that are rough. (Textured walls and ceilings)

Bonus Tips:

To own the right paint roller nap and size means you have reached closed to success. But, you still need to know other things while painting with the roller.

  1. Use the rounded end of the foam roller cover when you don’t want roller edge lines to appear on the finished wall.
  2. Apply the right pressure. Applying excessive pressure will make your work look messy; make sure you apply even and light pressure, only.
  3. Make a habit of dipping only the nap in the paint. After this, spin the roller against the screen and dip again. Use paint pot pro’s tray for uniformly smearing the paint over the nap.
  4. Remove the roller cover/nap from the roller frame after you are finished with your job.
  5. If you have used latex paint, then use soap and water to clean the nap. Hold the nap under the running water and rub the nap against Paint Pot Pro’s roller cleaner. Leave the nap to dry; make sure the nap is fully dried and holds no water.

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