The Best Painting Tools for Interior and Exterior Painting

The Best Painting Tools for Interior and Exterior Painting

Painting is an art that is perfected with the Best Painting Tools. Interior painting or exterior painting, both need perfections. You may need to paint different edges, corners, and undulations while painting the exteriors as compared to interiors. Interiors may consist of ceilings, floors, smooth walls, living rooms, kitchen corners, washrooms, etc.

But the basic needs remain the same while choosing the tools because of the type of finish you want to give, in both the places. The exteriors may need some extra protection from harsh weather conditions whereas interiors may need maintenance in other ways.


While painting the exteriors and interiors, you need some best painting tools to increase the connectivity of your expectations with every flow of paint. For executing the best of your painting skills don’t miss getting these best painting tools before you start painting. Let’s dive into each painting tool one by one.


Tools commonly needed in both the interiors and exteriors:


  1. Five-in-1 tool or 17 in 1 tool: Become a smart painter by using all in one tool. This particular tool can scratch flat surfaces and contours, spread putty, open out the cracks, open bottles, and even pull nails.


  1. Gallon bucket: When it’s time to paint both the exterior and interiors, gallon buckets are the best. When you decide to spend less time and effort but with perfect flow, these buckets help in avoiding paint wastage. You don’t have to leave the painting in between as this bucket holds a good quantity of paint in it avoiding pouring of paint in the bucket all the time.


  1. Small putty knife: It is used to do putty works providing a surface ready to paint. It’s a kind of scraper. Used either to scrap off chips and flakes of paints or to spread matter evenly and undulation free.


  1. Good paint roller: Mainly paint roller types are manufactured as per the areal requirements. Primarily the types of rollers are- manual pad, texture, and mini hot dog rollers. These come with various advantages and disadvantages. What kind of project you have decides on the type of roller. The best way is to opt for a budget-friendly roller.


  1. Sash brush: The bristles are made to make clean painted lines (This is also called a cutting brush). It helps in painting some closest approaches of two clean adjacent walls or even while painting amidst window walls and trims.


  1. Roller tray or metal paint tray with hook legs: Seamless painting with painting trays having ladder up with hooks are amazing. It is very user friendly and helps to achieve the best results.


  1. Dropcloth: To avoid spillage of paint drops over your furniture, curtains, window-panes, crafts, and floor, drop cloths are the best to save from the mess.


  1. Paintbrush: With different angles for edges, corners, and surfaces, the perfect size of brushes helps to get a good paint effect.


  1. Painter’s tape: For a perfect line finishing, painter’s tape is a good aid. You can use it while painting the edges between two walls of different colours, in between the trims of two different shades of colours.


  1. Stirrer sticks to mix the paint: This tool keeps your hands stain free. When it’s a bit longer it helps in stirring the paint well before you start painting.


Tools for the exterior magic:


Painting the exterior of a house is somewhat the toughest job. But once done, you get it as your reward. With the right choice of your tools, you can certainly save a lot of money, ensuring a good life to the corner and edges.


  1. Pressure washer: An amazing tool to remove old scrappings, flakes, dust, cobwebs, etc. This tool helps getting rid of obstacles. Well, it can be used in the interiors also, Just keep the correct pressure and make a perfect angle for the nozzle.


  1. Paint sprayer: For an area where obstructions are less and you can have a free hand, these sprayers may prove to be a fun art.


  1. Ladder: A comfortable painting comes with a suitable ladder as per your height. Exterior painting needs a reach to some areas which can be aided by step by step painting provided by ladders. It provides platform, extension, and height to certain places.


Tools for Interior Painting:


Interior painting need the utmost care in many ways. Proper tool selection helps out to reach every corner better.


  1. Sandpaper: It peels off the old painting, removes dust and flakes from the kitchen rooms, washrooms, or even the chips formed during seepages.


  1. Extendable handle while painting the ceiling


Understandably, investing money and time on getting some best tools for exterior or interior painting will surely reap rewards. So, get your best painting tools before diving to paint your canvas.

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