Top-Notch Exterior Painting Tips and Techniques Using Paint Pot Pro

Top-Notch Exterior Painting Tips and Techniques Using Paint Pot Pro

Painting, be it exterior or interior, need a different approach. To get that top-notch exterior painting, taking the help of a few tips and techniques can make a lot of difference. Yet, painting is something that needs its tools that helps in delivering these techniques and tips in a seamless manner. The efficacy of such techniques increases even more if the tools are ergonomically built. And, Paintpotpro delivers the exact thing. Along with the tips and techniques for top-notch exterior painting, let us see how Paintpotpro tools bring out the best.

  • Angled Magnetized Brush Rest:

    Handling brush while painting needs attention all the time. This particular tool lets the brush stand firmly and allows the extra paint trickling downwards in the bucket.

  • Scrapping Blades:

    Keep the exterior ready by scraping off the old paint chips. Paintpotpro provides you the best scrapping blades along with paint scrappers. Get a smooth surface while making a new coat of paint.

  • Belt Clip Loops:

    Designed to allow you safely to move up and down the ladder by simply clicking the belt/clip loop over a belt.

  • Best Painting Roller:

    Get the right roller by choosing the right nap and size of it.

  • Wiping Blades:

    Made for brushes having a maximum width of 100mm. The wiping blades clear off the extra paint.

  • Roller Holder:

    Make a halt in the painting process using a roller holder.

  • Tip Opener and Mullet:

    No need to stop the painting in between just to open up the paint boxes. Here’s the best equipment for it.

  • Paintbrush Cleaner and Mini Roller Cleaner:

    Paint pot pro provides this tool whenever you think of easy cleaning and washing of your brush.

  • Measurement Guides and Rill Bits, Screw Gauges:Some adjustments have to be done sidewise while painting, rill bits, and screw gauges give you that provision too.
  • Paint Liner:

    Saves your time from the extra cleaning that goes in rinsing the pot.

  • Paint Qualities: 

    The qualities you need in your paint are Active guard technology from harsh/extreme weather conditions, Crack proof technology + protection gear from blistering and peeling, Temperature resistance or sun proof technology, Dirt pick up resistance, Sheen finish, Environment-friendly or not, and Damp proof or water-resistant. Damp-proof paint also called epoxy paint, works wonder in terraces or exterior side walls because of its resin made composition.

  • The best Primer for the Exterior:

    You can get primer plus paint combo in the market which is available with some high-tech constituents made to give long-lasting durability and a healthy look. In case you want to give a coat of primer first, then choose the right primer that is basically of three types- oil-based, latex-based, or pigmented shellac primers. Choosing the best primer is the quintessential job and Paintpotpro understands the needs during exterior painting whether it’s the terrace or any other exterior portion of the house.

  1. Water-based primer: these are among those primers that provide some whiteness along with beautiful opacity. The pigments in it provide the best undercoating for top paint coats.
  • Oil-based primer- this type dries slowly, gives good adhesion property, and can be removed or scrapped out easily if required as compared to water-based primers.
  1. Latex-based primer- this type dries faster and is less prone to peeling.
  2. Shellac primer- specially made to seal wooden surfaces.
  • Finishing with the Best Colours with the Best Tool:Have a tour through the Colour catalog for your wall and theme. Avoid going anywhere to get guidance for choosing the right color. Paintpotpro is here again. Colouring is the final stage that provides a new return of your painting steps. Application of Painter’s tape can ensure a straight end to the brush strikes. Choose colours accordingly with the nature of your surroundings, the type of wall surface, and the mood that you want. Paintpotpro frees you from all such types of exterior painting struggles.
  • A few additional tools like Step Ladder, Paint tin, and brush, ruler, are for safety measures. Paint pot pro serves its ultimate painters’ tools for the same.

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