Assured Top-Notch Safety With Paint Pot Pro’s ‘Belt/Clip Loops’

Assured Top-Notch Safety With Paint Pot Pro’s ‘Belt/Clip Loops’

Step Ladder (Check)

Paint tin and brush (Check)

Scrapper and ruler (Check)

Items for safety measures (Uh-oh!)

A painting job calls for safety, and more often than not many people see this factor as the least priority one. And some don’t even give a thought about it! However, at Paint Pot Pro, we have always kept safety as our top priority. It is in fact, one of our virtues that have led us to come up with a product that is multi-purpose and safe to use.

There are various studies published by Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health about the mortality studies of painters and their risks for deaths from unintentional injuries.

Gersh reported that in 1934 US painters had a death rate from falls of 5.7*10^-4/year compared with 1.9*10^-4/year for all workers. Analysis of investigation records of the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration concerning work-related deaths in Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) 1721, construction painting, showed a higher risk of fatal injury than expected from cohort studies including injuries on and off the job.

Gauging the seriousness, we devised Paint Pot, which keeps safety as its first and foremost feature. Belt/Clip loop- as the name suggests is a simple click the loop over a belt mechanism. The mechanism ensures to fasten the paint pot to the belt you are wearing. This makes it a lot easier to keep your hands free; and hold on to the ladder in which you are stepping on, especially when you are climbing up or down the ladder.

Paint Pot Pro has strategically placed V-shaped clip at the backside. The positioning is so- that it helps the pot to clip over the belt easily. The mechanism is so easy that you can loop through the belt or even clip over the ladder belt. Made from a durable, high quality, strong plastic. The high-quality plastic ensures the pot to bear the entire weight of the paint that is poured into it. The sturdy composition also ensures the grip to remain tight and firm. This way, you don’t have to worry about the pot to drop off on the floor.

To know how it practically works, you can play the short video which entails the basic functionality of it. This will give you even more understanding of the product and its top-level safety feature.

We hope that from now on, safety becomes your first-ticked priority!